Dennis Earl Elementary School


August 16, 2016


Greetings Families of Dennis G. Earl Elementary,


We would like to invite every parent, teacher and neighbor to join with PTA, as we work to make Dennis G. Earl Elementary the best it can be for our students… our most precious resource!


The PTA’s goal is to raise enough funds so that our children have what they need, not only in the classroom, but, on campus as well!


Here are some of the goals that the PTA accomplished last year:

  • A new Marquee
  • A Trike Track for kindergarten
  • A storage shed on campus
  • Teacher grants (helps with your child's field trips and/or other classroom expenses)
  • Musical instruments for our school ($800 given to our music program)
  • A beautiful (and successful) Spring Carnival


For 2016-2017, our PTA will combine efforts with parents, teachers and students to help make another successful and productive school year. Some activities that you can look forward to are:

*  Spring Carnival

*  Excellent Explorer Luncheons

*  Assemblies

*  Talent show

*  Fall Fundraiser

We are also VERY excited to get involved with and support Earl’s new Lego Robotics Program. Dennis G. Earl is the ONLY elementary school in TUSD to offer this program!  This year, the program will be offered to all 6th grade students.

There are numerous opportunities to support and be a part of the PTA! We are looking for families or individuals to volunteer 15, 30 or 45 minutes at any of our events.  Every little bit helps, so please come assist us when you are able. We would like to ensure that all events can be held without exception, and we need your help to make this possible! If you are interested, please contact Kathryn Lundrigan at


Research shows that family involvement supports student success. Students with involved parents are more likely to earn higher grades and pass their classes, attend school regularly and have better social skills, and go on to postsecondary education.  Family engagement and making sure we can provide the needed materials for our children make up a huge part of the PTA’s mission. We are very excited to see what this year brings to our school!


We hope to see you there! 



Kathryn Lundrigan

Dennis G. Earl PTA President

Make a difference in your child's school!

Be involved! Your child deserves it!


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